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Neuroauriculotology ©  is a natural healthcare modality in which ‘activation sites’ on the body including the external surface of the ear, or auricle, are subject to transcutaneous biolectro stimulation to treat and alleviate ill health conditions as a primary and alternative form of health care.  In addition, where indicated, other bodily activation sites can like-wise be stimulated. The soma - topic correspondence of specific parts of the body to specific parts of the auricle is based on the system which was first discovered and developed in modern France. Neuroauriculotology © includes this and takes the treatment process to a 21st Century level, harnessing and utilizing modern technological developments in bioelectro medicine for the treatment of both acute and chronic ill-health. Used by itself, or in conjunction with other forms of natural treatment, Neuroauriculotolgy© is a very safe and effective form of treatment. Side effects are extremely low because, as a natural form of treatment, Neuroauriculotology © does not involve drugs or surgery. Specific activation sites on the body, including the ear, have been determined and mapped for treatment of specific health related conditions. These activation sites, when stimulated, have direct effects on the target area of the body. Neuroauriculotology © is generally very comfortable, and only relatively, mild sensations are experienced during treatment. Neuroauriculotology ©  produces rapid effect, some treatments taking effect immediately, while others are cumulative in nature, becoming increasingly effective with more treatments depending on the condition requiring treatment. Treatment sessions are usually relatively short. The practitioners are qualified health care professionals who are fully trained in all aspects of the equipment, treatment protocols and procedures used. Patients of all ages can be treated including children and pregnant women (with some exclusions).
neurAtech  Supplies state of the art bioelectro and laser technology  equipment and product training to natural health care practitioners to effectively treat a comprehensive range of ill- health related conditions.
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